Brian Thomas, Senior Project Manager

As a young boy, Brian worked in the construction industry as a general laborer and head of the cleanup crew for his father’s construction company. He has always loved the construction process, and since then has worked on a diverse range of both large and small scale projects, ranging from commercial buildings that take years to build, to small remodels of single family residences. Brian is an expert in the office and in the field -- he has extensive experience in framing, building cabinets, roofing, concrete, owning and managing a lighting and appliance store, selling and servicing windows and doors, and five years of electrical work. His diverse field experience led Brian to earn his bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and Business from Weber State University. As a professional in the industry, Brian has successfully managed teams of architects, subcontractors, and skilled laborers through conceptual pre-construction and back office management to complete even the most difficult of projects, on time, and within budget. Brian is a people person; satisfying customers and bringing his team together to achieve common goals are a large part of what he loves most about construction.  Outside of work Brian loves coaching and playing sports with his wife and kids, snowboarding and traveling.