Robert Huggins, Managing Partner, Principal

Robert has been in the home building industry for 20+ years. He got an early start in the industry, at age 15, installing directional bootleg signs for new home communities, and worked his way up in the industry, gaining an impressive breadth of knowledge and expertise, fueled by a true passion for the business. Over the years, and 10,000 single-and multi-family homes later, Robert refined the process required to constantly succeed at increasing revenue flows, minimizing costs, boosting productivity and meeting delivery goals. As a home building executive he has had outstanding successes in the implementation of operations systems and the ability to cultivate a wide range of construction projects. Meeting company objectives, leading a cohesive team of professionals, satisfying new homeowners and developing some of the most outstanding neighborhoods imaginable, Robert enjoys every aspect of the business and constantly strives to exceed expectations. In his spare time you will find him skiing, participating in triathlons or just enjoying the outdoors with his family.

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