Professional Background
Jackson, Wyoming
Unusual Skill
Professional bike fitter
Little Known Facts
Loves bikes and skis
Climbing, mountain biking, back country skiing, Nordic skiing
Favorite Thing to Do Around Jackson
Spend time in the mountains

Joel Ahlum

Managing Partner, Utah

Joel is a Jackson native, now living in Utah and leading the Park City office as managing partner. His love of building was formed in his early years, and when he was fourteen, he started out as a laborer sweeping floors and grinding concrete in Jackson, gaining hands on experience in every aspect of construction and working his way up in the industry into his current role.

Joel’s primary responsibilities include business development, project management, estimating and general oversight of Idaho operations. The best part of his job is helping to shape the community he lives in by building beautiful buildings that will last a lifetime.

Favorite Quote:
“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. “
– Theodore Roosevelt