University of Minnesota Duluth, Organizational Management B.B.A.
Professional Designation
Lindstrom, Minnesota
Unusual Skill
Lawn dart pro
Little Known Fact
He’s a whistle virtuoso… only on Fridays.
Spending time with his wife, eating foods he harvests, home projects, archery, dirt biking, fishing, skiing, and snowboarding
Favorite Thing to Do Around Jackson
Complain about traffic

Mark Eagan

Superintendent, Idaho

Mark is originally from Minnesota and he made the move to Jackson in 2012 and more recently to Victor, Idaho to enjoy the epicenter of wilderness, mountains and wildlife. Mark thrives on exceeding clients’ expectations and building high end homes with the best materials in the most scenic locations.

Mark’s primary responsibility is to lead construction projects in Idaho and ensure timely completion, the highest quality and complete client satisfaction.

Mark and his wife have a cat named Archie who has a mind of her own, as most cats do, but his wife thinks Archie can do no wrong.

Favorite Quote:
“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.“