University of Wyoming, B.S. Petroleum Engineering
Born in Dallas, Texas, but Wyoming has always been his true home
Little Known Fact
Went back to school at age 33 to earn his engineering degree
Mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing and snowboarding
Favorite Things to Do Around Jackson
Discover new places to fly fish, bike Cache Creek after work, photography excursions with his wife, bike the pass on weekends and take the dogs biking

Mike Gill

Senior Project Manager, Idaho

Mike started his construction career via a different discipline; after earning his engineering degree, he worked for a mechanical contractor in Dallas designing commercial HVAC systems, and re-engineering HVAC in older buildings to gain energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. This experience led to him to transition to his career in general contracting.

The best part of his job is that every project becomes a canvas for new ideas, collaboration, and forging new relationships. The exposure to constant challenges allows for continuous improvement while creating an exceptional product.

Mike moved to Jackson for the outdoors and mountain living in 2008. While he has spent time in Dallas, city living has never quite felt like home.

Mike and his wife, Pam, are the proud parents of a daughter Madelyn born in 2019. Mike’s four legged family includes Daisy, an 11 year old Corgi-Chow mix rescue from Georgia, and Koda, a 7 month old Alaskan Malamute with an AKC name of Teton Powder Slayer!