Wyoming’s Premiere Sled Dog Race Begins in Scenic Jackson Hole

The eager eyes of each sled dog at the starting line capture a moment of anticipation, readiness, and enthusiasm to traverse Wyoming’s snowy expanses. This moment is at the heart of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race, which various patrons, including the New West Building Company, sponsor. It goes beyond sporting fervor, embodying a profound homage to these remarkable canines and their mushers’ collective ethos. The dogs’ stamina and joy in the competition echo the pioneering spirit of the New West Building Company. The company invigorates communities like Jackson and Alpine and venerates the venerable tradition of sled dog racing. This partnership underscores the values of community unity, the zest for discovery, and synchronistic living with nature’s grandeur.

This competition tells a story of enduring connections formed in the frost of rivalry, the comfort of mutual esteem, and the unadulterated thrill experienced by sled dogs engrossed in their most cherished activity. Nestled within Wyoming’s majestic landscapes, the Pedigree Stage Stop Race symbolizes athletic perseverance and camaraderie and the everlasting bond between mushers and their sled dogs. Proudly sponsored by New West Building Company, the event celebrates the human spirit’s kinship with the wild.

Through the exhilarating sport of sled dog racing, coupled with a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and community welfare, NWBC, other amazing sponsors, and the Pedigree Stage Stop Race invite all to re-encounter the wilderness beautifully. As NWBC sponsors two race stops, Jackson and Alpine, it fosters local enthusiasm and support for this family event, weaving tales of adventure, tenacity, and the enduring mystique of the American West with every trail turn.